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 Can hypnosis increase height?
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1 Posts

Posted - 07/27/2003 :  09:02:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi everybody,
I've heard hypnosis can increase a woman's bust, so would it also be possible to make a person grow taller by releasing growth hormones? If so, what suggestion should be used and how should it be administered if I'm doing it myself? My current idea for a suggestion is "Every day and night I rapidly grow taller and taller". Is this any good? Can I just think it or do I need some sort of recorded induction and suggestion?
Many thanks,


63 Posts

Posted - 07/27/2003 :  11:31:07 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Stefan, the reply to your question depends upon your age. If you are nearing the age when growth stops, you can delay this time via hypnosis, and attempt to reactivate the growth hormones as you ask, though not via "self hypnosis" in my opinion. If you are an older adult, the answer is NO, it is not possible to reactivate growth once past the age when normal growth takes place. The same is true of other methods such as the medical one were growth hormones are injected. This is done only during a certain age, and after that you will be rejected as an unlikely candidate for such treatment. What you are asking is if bones can be affected by suggestion, just as fat is, and of course they are totally different. Terry
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162 Posts

Posted - 07/30/2003 :  12:15:27 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Stefan
Perhaps a course of self confidence would be best in your case.


Each and every day and in each and every way i become more content with the way i look.People value me for the natural qualities that i possess.
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2 Posts

Posted - 08/07/2003 :  07:45:07 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Screw that.

Stefan go check out wendi.com

She's got a growth package, it contains different cds I dont remember exactly. There was stuff about cellular communication, and creating holograms as a part of it. I don't know it. Her opinion and testimonial said that people who are grown adult, past growth stage, managed to grow again by mentally going back to when their body knew how to grow. Oh and she also said that you get hungry cause your body is growing so make sure you eat healthy and stuff.

Don't let people tell you things aren't possible when you want them.


ps i dont work for her
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63 Posts

Posted - 08/07/2003 :  9:11:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"Don't let people tell you things are not possible when you want them"
A valid point I must say, just as valid as telling someone about a product which you haven't tried, and know little about, yet feel it will give results. On the other hand, up to this point I didn't know that a jackass could learn to write, or use a computer, so definitely try the tapes, and let us know how they worked. After all, it's at your expense, and we can all learn something. (G) Terry
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162 Posts

Posted - 08/12/2003 :  2:17:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Firstly let me commend the colourful language
and secondly
Perhaps from your experience, enlighten me with some of your own personal self achievement through cellular communication or was it extra terrestrial communication
In anticipation
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30 Posts

Posted - 11/12/2003 :  10:45:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Having worked with Height Increase with Hypnosis for over a year and a half, I supposed I could provide you with some solid answers. Yes, there are people who have used self-hypnosis and increased in height 4 inches in 4 months and those who have increased more, but at a slower pace - 5 inches in 10 months. There is a record of Dr. Milton Erickson helping a stunted young man increase 12 inches in height in a course on one year. Since this man's growth was stunted, one may assume that his needs were greater. There are also records of people increasing the length of a shorter leg to match the longer one (even people in their 60's), and people who'd increase the size of one foot to match the size of another.

In my own experience, working with people, on the average, most would increase in height 1 inch in two months.

Since hypnosis works with YOUR belief system, the results that other people got or didn't get and how much time it took them is practically irrelevant for you. Whether you experience height increase or not will be entirely dependant upon YOUR belief system.

I will admit, though, that this topic touches a nerve in some people's belief systems, and they get very upset hearing the statement - YES, YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR HEIGHT REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE, however just repeating "I can grow taller" will really not do much.

Generally people who are stuck with a limited worldview - looking upon body as flesh and blood will have harder time effecting the change, particularly after their growth plates have fused. Those who are stuck with that belief system may as well abandon even attempting to work on height increase.

On the other hand, looking upon body and working with it as a mass of perpetually changing ENERGY, creates a belief system that allows you to create desired changes regardless of your age or whether your growth plates are fused. In this respect, I also encourage people to experiment with feeling the energy flow in their bodies and noticing how it changes in accord with their thoughts. It always does because "energy follows thought", it's just a matter of noticing it. This further instills confidence and the proper beliefs that enable one to move on with more challenging goals.

For someone who is still naturally growing and didn't get a change to get his mind filled with any limiting thoughts - he can indeed simply DECIDE that he wants to be a certain height and the intelligence of his body will actualize that intent. Thare are a lot of young people who knew nothing about hypnosis and who did exactly this to grow to their desired height. DECIDING that you want certain thing fulfilled, provided that you have no beliefs that would block the process, with create the desired effect.

There are people who suffered from terminal illness and were practically on a death bed, yet when they DECIDED to live and enjoy perfect health, their health was restored. Medical profession doesn't deal with thoughts and energies, and consequently doesn't have any explanations, other than the whole thing occurred due to a spontaneous remission. But this is not a hit-and-miss method.

Hypnosis works according to the Laws of the Mind and it works with mathematical precision. The change you desire requires certin amount of energy and if you supply it, you get the change. Nothing more, nothing less. You manipulate the energy with your thoughts and you can do that because energy follows thoughts. Emotions, on the other hand, generate energy.

If you have two conflicting beliefs, the one that will manifest in your life is the one in which you have invested more energy (consciously or unconsciously), through repetition (and habitual thinking) or though great emotional impact. Decisions and convictions have lots of energy invested in them - that's why they can produce powerful and rapid changes.

Some changes require greater amounts of energy than an individual can generate. Opening oneself to Infinite source of energy allows the person to create changes that he with his limited resources wouldn't be able to create.

While a person doesn't have to be religious or spiritual to create these changes, people who engage in meditative practices, communing with the Infinite, tend to maintain these energy channels open and can consequently access greater amount of energy. In hypnosis, this is generally accomplished by going deeper, bypassing subconscious and connecting with superconscious mind. To one who has opened the door of his superconscious mind, what was before impossible, now becomes possible.

A hypnotist who never got acquainted with his own superconscious, and whose perception is limited by what he can experience with his physical senses, will of necessity be stuck with the limited model supported by the medical science.

As for others people - well, if you'd like to increase your height, but have any doubts regarding your ability to do so, you'll most likely experience no results. Doubts are actually beliefs that affirm, reinforce and feed with energy, the opposite of what you'd like to experience.

People who have to ask others whether they can grow taller, do not yet have the necessary beliefs to support height increase. In other words, the energy supporting the belief that they can increase height is weak and is unlikely to produce any changes. Just repeating "I can grow taller" without the energy of conviction supporting that statement will be just a waste of time. Better course of action is understanding what you can grow taller and conducting your own personal experiments with energy that will further instill belief that yes, your thoughs are creative and they do influence your body.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio
Free hypnosis articles, MP3 downloads
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1 Posts

Posted - 07/08/2011 :  6:42:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear ldegiorgio from Canada,
I just read your wonderful email about whether hypnosis works to height or not. I have studied the power of mind, energy and so on for over two years but I have never put it into practice to see if it works. I'm 90 percent sure that it is possible to gain height through hypnosis. Very recently I have decided to do hypnosis to gain 5 inches in height. My 10 percent lack of certainty is because I want 5 inches growth in height. First of all, I need to make 100 percent sure that it's possible, to achieve the best results. Secondly, I have no Idea how to hypnotize myself or how to do it. I'm very determined to increase height and that's why I need someone like YOU to help me and tell me how. Please give me your best suggestions and consider me as someone who doesn't really know how to do it.I'm 21 by the way.
Best regards,
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United Kingdom
1 Posts

Posted - 11/07/2011 :  10:07:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My son is 10 and he is not grwoing that tall. My husband is 6'2"and I am only 5'1". But I belief that we can use hynosis to help him to grow to the maximum height.
Does anyone know any powerful hypnosis script I can use? Thanks
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10 Posts

Posted - 04/04/2012 :  01:21:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mike, I agree with you on your reaction to Maurice's reply. She could replied in a more acceptable way. While enhancing height gives specific benefits (taking Maurice advice), enhancing self confidence with the present height (taking your advice) gives lifetime benefits. That is true happiness. Accepting yourself as you are and setting out to conquer the world should be better.
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United Kingdom
72 Posts

Posted - 10/11/2012 :  05:05:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
with the mind I believe anything is ultimately possible. including self-healing. 'If you can imagine it, then it is possible' We just have to be evolved enough to accept the concept and I applaud the earlier answer by Laura- it's not about getting the suggestion right - it's about getting the belief system right. What are faith healers doing if not promoting a belief that you can get better or self-heal It's funny how we can accept more easily that a devine intervention has healed us than that we are capable of doing it ourselves.

Andrea Lowe
Hypnotherapist/analyst, NLP Practitioner and trainer
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United Kingdom
21 Posts

Posted - 11/26/2012 :  07:12:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I truly is amazing what the mind can do. I personally haven't heard of or known anyone to have increased their height through hypnosis. It does seem hard to imagine that some "set" physical attributes can be altered with the mind.
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