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 Remote Depossession
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:43:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Charles (Original Message) Sent: 3/2/2000 10:53 PM

Hello to all from the "Sho-Me State".

I just joined your community. Have you ever hear of "Remote Depossession"??? Probably not. Neither had I, until about 4 weeks ago and I have been in hypnosis for over 30 yrs. Read the book, "Remote Depossession" by Dr. Irene Hickman D.O. THEN we can have a good discussion about it. I bought the book, but then I found out it is available free for download via email. Here is the address for you to get it free http://jmhartshorn.com/hickmanhealing/books.html

I hope it is still available free for you when you access the web sight. Read the book. I have met Dr. Hickman and I am very inpressed with her. She even list her email address, if you want to correspond with her. I can't wait to discuss this topic.


670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:44:04 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Margaret Sent: 3/25/2000 7:07 AM

I have tried to follow both of the posted links to get more information about remote deposession and got "404 page not found 4" error messages both times. Can anyone post the correct link to get this info

Thanks Maggie

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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:44:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Charles Sent: 3/26/2000 1:08 AM

Dr. Hickman's web sight (REMOTE DEPOSSESSION) has been change. Here is the new address.......... www.hickman-healing-foundation.org
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:44:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Margaret Sent: 3/26/2000 5:15 AM

Just received the book in my email. Much appreciated. Will now get down to some serious reading. May be back with questions when finished.

Love Maggie

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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:44:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Mitch Sent: 3/26/2000 7:51 PM

Hello Everyone, Ok, I just finished reading Remote Dep. There are a million and one things to talk about here. I am ready and willing to talk it over with all of you here responding to Charles posting. Hello Charles, The book is pretty interesting. Perhaps we can choose a mutual time to meet in this chat room in the evenings and start the discussion ball rolling. I can't wait. Perhaps together we can pool our questions and invite Dr. Irene to join us in the chat room for a specific date and time to answer some of our questions. She may enjoy doing some talking and some teaching. I would enjoy some listening,conversation and learning how about you? Best regards to you all Mitch
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:45:13 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Charles Sent: 3/28/2000 10:51 PM

Hello Mitch, I just read your last post. I have been at a convention for past few days. I will be busy with hypnosis at the "Hickman Healing Foundation" the rest of this week. Sometime after this Saturday, may be a good time for us to chat. I will ask Dr. Hickman to join in. If the good Doc is free and able, I am sure she would LOVE to join in.
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:45:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Mitch Sent: 4/2/2000 7:39 PM

Hi Charles, I still have a lot of questions about remote depossessions. When can we begin the conversation? If you prefer we can start now. Here we go: I like the idea of releasing the dark ones to the light. I suppose this book is hard for a lot of people to come to terms with. I mean spirits and all. My own beliefs are in Christ. If I believe in Christ in the spirit and I recognize the keeper of hell as satan then how can I not believe in earthbound entities? I must say I am curious about how long it takes to learn the technique? I would very much like to try both sides of it! Have you tried it yet? If you have what was the outcome? How does one project a part of the conscious mind to another location? How far can one project? As you can see Charles I am very interested in this. I know a lot of people I could really help. I will be checking back here soon for your comments. Mitc
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:45:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Charles Sent: 4/4/2000 8:35 PM

Hey, Mitch.... Remote depossession in fairly new to me. I have been a hypnotist / hypnotherapist for over 20 years and only met Dr. Hickman less than 2 months ago. At that time the good Doctor introduced me to the remote depossesion technique. I haven't as yet been the scanner or facilitator of a remote depossession. I have witnessed some sessions. The targets of all of the sessions were hundreds of miles away. A form was mailed to each person requesting the remote, asking for their feed back on all and/or any results. Also a recorded tape of the session was also sent. At my last query, none of the forms were sent back to us with results. It is hard to get confirmation of success or failture, if we don't hear back from the subjects. Since I joined Dr. Hickmans foundation, Hickman Healing Foundation, most all of my time has been spent hypnotising volunteers that want to be scanners. It is amazing how many are people showing up at the foundation, wanting to be a part of this. Scanning is not something that is done with the first time a subject is hypnotised. We have test scanning, so the scanners can improve and refine their abilities. When we are sure of their abilities, then we do the request we receive for scanning for people in need. Distance does not seem to matter. It seems to work equally well when it is done in the presents of the target, or if the target is half way around the world. I have talked to several people involved in remote depossession and I have not yet met one person that says it does not work. I have been told of many many success stories. The technique is really quite simple and any one can do it. If you have read the book "Remote Depossession" then you know how it was done. I will be teaching hypnosis classes so we can have more hypnotist / hypnotherapist doing this work. There will also be classes taught on remote depossession. Last week, I found an excellent person that I think will be a great scanner. Actually I have found several, but this particular one I seem to have a lot in common with. I hope that she will be the scanner I work with most of the time. I look forward to telling you about my own personal success scannings. Well, that should stir more questions from you (or someone else). I will call Dr. Hickman and ask her to throw her 2 cents in for you . Late Dude
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:46:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Irene Hickman, D.O. Sent: 6/21/2000 11:10 AM

The books, Mind Probe--Hypnosis and Remote Depossession are no longer available free (they were while the website was being designed) They are now available by download, both for $10.00. Training is also available in the techiques described in both books by me and assistants.
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:46:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Irene Hickman, D.O. Sent: 6/21/2000 11:28 AM

The correct address for the finished website for books and other information is-- www.hickman-healing-foundation.org
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:47:08 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Louis Sent: 6/22/2000 7:11 PM

Last week I did my first remote depossession session last week. I had a person who is a natural somnambulist volunteer to be the scanner. One thing I am sure of with this work is that the scanner must be at least in the somnambulistic level of hypnosis.

I only told my volunteer the minimum information about what we were going to do in hypnosis. Everything happened just as described in Dr H's book. If you didn't get it yet and you want to do this work get it. It has everything you need to do this work. (Be prepared to read it 5 or 6 times before you do the work)

Mitch, Spend some time learning what is in the book and studying. All that is necessary is in the book. Learn About earth bounds and the dark ones. Once you start the work you have no choice in which you encounter.

Charles, What types of questions do you send to those requesting a remote. I did my session without request or speaking prior to the session with the targets. I would like to see what effects happen spontaneously.

Louis Pelissier

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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:47:31 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: inducerman Sent: 6/24/2000 7:52 AM

HI everyone

I have tried but just cannot get any experience of remote depossession over here in the UK

Can anyone give me any pointers to remedy this problem,as I truly believe that this is the way forward,in finding the root cause of a problem,and curing the effects of a problem.

I did email Irene Hickman,but had no reply, so come on guys help me out!! I have read the books,and am rearing to go,but cannot find any hands on experience,and I really want to see and even experience "remote" myself before I subject it on the UK public.

Please try your best!!!

kind regards


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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:47:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Louis Sent: 6/27/2000 9:21 AM


Do you have a person who is willing to be a scanner for your session?

Someone who is a natural somnambulist is great to have doing this work, even if you don't that is the level of hypnosis that is necessary to do this work. The deeper that volunteer can go into hypnosis the better.

Have a list of people you would like to scan in mind. If you have given your scanner an overview of the process they may have names of people that they would like to help.

Then just do the work. I read and re-read Dr. Hickman's book a few times and let my scanner read the introductory chapters on what remote deposession was and some of the background. Then did the work.

All you need in a scanner is someone who will go into somnambulism, and is at least open to the idea to the point they will not reject your suggestions in the process.

Louis Pelissier

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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:48:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Irene Hickman, D.O. Sent: 7/1/2000 6:09 PM

Inducerman--I did not receive the email you sent. Please send me your email address and I will supply you the names and contacts in UK. Irene Hickman, D.O.
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670 Posts

Posted - 05/29/2003 :  10:48:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: inducerman Sent: 7/12/2000 6:19 AM

Thanks for your reply

I am sorry it has been a while,but I have been away on holiday.


finding a scanner I dont think will be a problem,its just that at the moment I dont feel confident enough to try the procedure without some more knowledge of remote,but like I said in my last email,finding this knowledge has been a problem,here in the UK hypnosis is not still widely accepted,never mind spirit deposession.I hope now that with your help and Dr Hickmans help I will soon be on the fast track to success!!

many thanks to you both

speak to you soon I hope!!


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8 Posts

Posted - 09/30/2004 :  11:26:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm currently reading every book that I can find that deals with this subject. Fascinting!
Are there any readers in the Montreal area that wish to form a study/practice group?

By the way, Dr. Irene Hickman passed over in 2002:


Edited by - Hypnotician on 04/05/2005 3:44:58 PM
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United Kingdom
445 Posts

Posted - 05/21/2005 :  01:18:15 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I certainly respect and encourage research (formal and informal) into esoteric practices such as remote depossession. I cannot be comfortable with advertising this practice as part of Hypnotherapy services. The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners does not accept
hours spent on this sublect as part of an approved training program by an ACHE approved school. The ACHE web site (hypnotistexaminers.org)
currently is receiving 3100 visits per month on the Approved Schools
page. ACHE schools teach Hypnotherapy as a career and avoid esoteric,
occult and arcane subject matter. With Respect to all, Gil Boyne

Gil Boyne
[Gil Passed Away May 5, 2010]
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John D

United Kingdom
34 Posts

Posted - 05/25/2005 :  12:50:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We should not totally accept or totally reject anything as anything is possible. However, some things are less probable than others and some are highly improbable.

Therefore, since we need to set some priorities on how we occupy our minds and our time, it is always a good idea to draw our priority list on the basis of a hierarchy with the most probable items at the top of the list and the least probable ones at the bottom.

I suppose "depossession", whether remote or from a close range, refers to freeing someone of "alien" psychic entities that have been possessing him or her. This, of course, presupposes the existence of such entities and, also, their ability to possess and affect humans. I suppose something like what was described in the Exorcist movies.

I don't understand how has the existence and the nature of such entities has been established by those who deal with the subject?

So, before we can even talk about possession and depossession, remote or not, could someone enlighten us about the nature of those "intruding" entities and how they come to possess people?

John S. Dovelos, Ph.D.
Athenaeum University International

Edited by - John D on 05/25/2005 12:53:39 PM
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3 Posts

Posted - 08/02/2005 :  2:06:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi all,

I see this topic thread is a couple of months old. I came across this site in search for potential spirit releasement (I have attempted several already).

John, I have gathered some understandings and surely a degree of speculative thoughts as well, but I will share some of this with you.

Shortly I got possessed and I know how I went about it.
I read channelled litterature - this sends a signal that you are potentially going to go seeking.
I visited mediums - spirits see a seeker and establish a destined path according to their agenda.
I used divination tools - tarot and a crystal pendulum and these are the number one triggers to spirit or demonic possession. In my case the presences first entered my general field, later one night right onto my body, lastly into my body, later into mind.

How do people "know" about entities and where do these knowers get their information.
Either from their own sixth sensatory establishement or via channelled messages from spirits or other entities. These exchanges has been going on for thousands of years. It may be a pastor getting messages from a "holy spirit" or for others it may be any other spirit, so called "guides" are popular in new age spiritists these days. Since they view the being from the other side, they can locate issues in the subtle energy fields around the person, often called Aura. This is like a book of light revealing conditions on the human being. Channelled information may be accurate sometimes but my experience reveals the spirits issue severe impositions and voiding of free will: "you will...you are to..". This is granted to the degree you accept it I suppose, but there are powers that will work to the fulfillment of what has been said, whether you like it or not.

I don´t equal my case with others, because I made some more infinitely dangerous ventures in sheer ignorance, attracting the worst of the spirits and demons.

The actual possession is rendered when the auric shield is low on charge (for whatever reason, most say we are kept in an egglike auric wrapping and this can get torn. It is also obvious that intent is voiding the shield so it has to be a sort of living medium. There are billions of people with perfect shields, totally unaware of any other reality and that is per global intent and design by the Creator of it.

The nature of the intruding entities are manifold. Some are restless spirits that for one reason or the other is temporarily or permanently void from further evolution. Most common are what is termed "spirits of deceased", such that did not enter the light, a world in-between earth reality and the next level ("heaven if you will"). This is one type of possession and I believe they may generally be easier to deal with, since a deceased person, even if evil, may have common sense left. And many reports that they wander off. Then there are those hell-bent on evil and they are usually gathered in groups...fighting God or whatever.

Another type of entities are astral beings. These are estranged creations, like reptile spirits, other things, like apemen, gargoyles, basically creations that look like our imaginations of demons, demi-gods or whatever. They are real, as they can be experienced, but also cartoonish. Then there are demonic realms, these are spirits totally and utterly void of love and they represent the opposite of love, theese entites are purely programmed to destroy and do evil. These encounters are more common with christianity where there has been thousands of years of building up the demonic consciousness. They will tell you that any habit is an outside demon etcetera.

Finally and most difficult are general spirits, spirits with agendas and they may access much more power than regular entities. These may appear as angels of light. Myth tells us that one third of the angels were cast out of heaven. I consider this myth, I wasn´t there, this is just what somebody claimed. However, I have read chanelled stuff from "angels" and these are highly evolved minds weaving in lies and their masterful storytelling. This is to buy mind-share. One dream I had suggested that these are "star-wars" beings. I can only speculate but it is said that these fallen ones can not inhibit bodies, so they have to possess them, and while so feed them with destraction, deception and use their free will to impose alterations on future offspring. Some may employ healers. And make no doubt about it, spirits that know what they are doing can make you feel really good, like on a high. It is very common in these healing circles with stuff like "dna activation" "restoring blueprints, to how it should be.." etcetera.

Of course you can not judge those that choose this path but be cautios of the implications. Lack of love in ordinary life may render a person dependent on the feedback and "unconditional love" of a spirit or angel.

So what I have found is the most difficult task, is to totally have them returned, that is deliverance, exorcism or healing. Returning to integrity of being is very difficult. Where do you turn? I went pretty quickly to churches of various kinds, but the exorcisms rendered nill, merely more pain and continued schizoid states. Christianity may feed you with fear also and really drain the person making it more apt for the vultures. Granted any method I have attempted so far has been a failure - so far. In my case they broke vital places, accessing speach, breath, phsyical movements and it is terror that goes beyond comprehension.

There is great need for reliable releasements, that work unconditionally to restore and seal the being properly. I think it may arrive one day but until then this is dangerous dangerous territory for the person caught in the hands of spirits.


God Bless You
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305 Posts

Posted - 08/02/2005 :  3:44:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Robert, a long and facination post, but still pure speculation and not an answer to John's question. You have chosen a belief system which suites your needs and that is just fine, it is nice that it makes you comfortable. For me and many others however, your beliefs are way out, and unacceptable, and that too is fine, since we all have the right to an opinion. However, as practising hypnotherapists we accept the beliefs of the client and work with them, not impose our own beliefs. To this end, I am attempting to offer John an explanation which I think he may find acceptable also. The person who accepts the spirit possession theory, is perhaps one who needs to have an outside entity to blame for what they do and which they are ashamed of. Now I suggest this as a possibility, and not a statement of fact, since I have no proof, only what makes sense to me...... Working with such a person should prove relatively easy, since the spirit entity can be removed and replaced with something more acceptable such as a kinder spirit etc. Removing the spirit and leaving a vacuum might prove dangerous, since such will quickly be filled by another uninvited guest even worse than the last according to the bible...... Indeed all beliefs have some basis in the bible it seems, so consult it and learn is my suggestion.........
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369 Posts

Posted - 08/02/2005 :  5:40:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I know many people who believe that there is a wise old man with a white long beard that lives in the clouds. He is all knowing and these people close their eyes and talk to him usually before going to sleep. He has made up a certain set of rules and if you are a good person and abide by the rules, you get to join him some day and live in the clouds. If you cross the line on these rules however, he will condemn your soul to eternal damnation in a fire pit inside the core of the earth where you get tortured, continuously, forever and ever. But he loves them…

So who is to say what is right and wrong? What is real in a person's belief system is real to them.

Whatever the belief system the person brings to the table, if it is real to them then you can use it to help them help themselves by working within that system.


"Relax, Listen and ______ with Hypnosis" Audio Series.
(MP3 Instant Download, CD, and Cassettes)
250 Scripts for Hypnosis Professionals
(All the scripts you may ever need for your practice)
"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind." Rudyard Kipling.
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3 Posts

Posted - 08/04/2005 :  7:42:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I find your posting sound, a normal reaction from a mind that has not experienced what I and some others have gone through. I am not going to sell the "demon and hell" story because it deserves as little attention as possible. However, I am not going to deny my actual experiences and whatever you believe of them, I can only say they are as real as you are to me.

I agree that it is not wise to blame an entity for behaviour - unless it is so. I believe very few except those that invites spirits in different ways, succumb to influences except their native original one, with time they can be hard to differentiate for the individual.

The vaccum is indeed a problem, I have no solution but I do not want to co-exist in my embodiment with another entity or spirit voluntarily. I could accept a brief state of such for rapid cleansing, but the idea is to return the shield and force of original protection.

I am familiar with the Bible and the doctrines there. Yes, I recognize the states worsening but this can be voided by improved methods, nothing is impossible for God according to the same scriptures. And I certainly believe that.

Anthony, this belief system does not suit my needs, they are 'rational' conclusions after two and a half years of wandering possessed to various degrees and in these type of circles. All people there really mean well, the issue is what they are really working with.


God Bless You

Edited by - Casar on 08/04/2005 7:44:13 PM
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1 Posts

Posted - 11/14/2008 :  03:51:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Louis,

May I know if you are still practicing remote depossession. If not, then maybe you could please refer me to someone who still practice it.

Thanking you in advance and I look forward to your prompt reply.

Vadim from Mauritius
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1 Posts

Posted - 06/01/2013 :  8:20:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Is there anyone who can share with me a Remote Depossession Book?
The official Irene Hickman's site doesn't accept orders on it.
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