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39 Posts

Posted - 07/09/2008 :  2:16:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dangerous Hypnosis: Polarizing and Proactive Persuasion Secret Truth You Cant Handle!

Two Dangerous Hypnosis "experiments" in two major persuasion events this week involved me, Dave Lakhani, Dr. Ben Mack, Dr. Kevin Hogan, Joel Bauer, and my Regis University professor, Dr. C.J. Hannon, who is currently teaching a course I am enrolled in called Persuasion, Motivation & Influence. Dave Lakhanis Renegades of Persuasion inaugural event was the polarizing and proactive persuasion event of my lifetime, and it happened this week.

This is one of the most important letters you will ever decode and internalize. If you can deconstruct the truth from this message Im sending you, it will make you a million dollars over the next coming years of your life. Persuasion is THAT powerful, and yet you must learn the skill of it for good! You must learn to polarize groups and proactively persuade for your own good and theirs, or you will not fare well on planet earth.

I may lose membership in my Facebook groups for revealing truths here that polarize the group. Some of you are squeamish and fearful and offended easily and will leave. The brave and smart ones will stay. The really brave and smart will post on the wall with commentary about this controversial subject.

I am finishing up my Bachelors Degree at Regis University. I graduate in a few weeks and decided to take this class in persuasion to see if I could learn a thing or two about a thing or two.
Whats interesting to me about academia is that most college students operate out of fear. I am not entirely excluded from this model, as I am on the cusp of graduating with Honors, just over 3.5 GPA and requiring 3.5 GPA to graduate with Honors (so grades are very important to me, especially now).

Students are typically very, very afraid that they will receive a poor grade if they say what is true, what they (really) think, or anything that is not what the instructor or the other students want to hear. So they feed the group a bunch of crap. This is unsettling to my very core, as I have chosen a career that requires me to tell people the truthespecially when it comes to the truth about HOW exactly they are being LIED to from just about every source imaginable.

The text book in the course is Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility, Eleventh Edition by Charles U. Larson. Its an excellent book. I read every word of it. I personally know many of the cited authors, and its a great primer on the technologies of persuasion and how to receive, deconstruct, and act on persuasive messages (you must first decode).

When we were discussing subliminal persuasion in advertising last week, Kevin Hogan was cited in the book. What the class accepted as true, Kevin Hogan proved otherwise. I explained to the class that I had spent two days training with Kevin Hogan in person just this week, and that people needed to learn about persuasion to have a life that can surpass mediocrity by deconstructing elaborate lies or for adding value rather than stealing souls or attitudes or money.
There is a war for your mind; will you win it?

This followed a firestorm of an argument in which I polarized the class by my outlandish display of anger and dissatisfaction over the experience of the prior weeks class, in which Dr. C.J. Hannon freaked out on the class, disrespecting and humiliating all the classmates, bullying us with grade-threats and insulting us with demeaning authoritative and unkind language for several hours.
Last week, the class (in its entirety) was polarized against Professor Hannon by her own brutal and incongruent behavior. One student stood up to defend the class very articulately. I began to speak and was silenced immediately by Dr. Hannons aggressive and authoritative bullying. Dont argue with me, Simone. I am the Professor and I will tell you how its going to be!

I stewed all week about the incident, wrestling with feelings I can trace back to my first grade class with Sister Clementine in Catholic School, in which we were regularly beaten and bruised by the teacher if we misbehaved. No, seriously; if we peed in our pants, she made us wear urine-soaked underwear on our heads all day. If I was suicidal, I may have taken out a gun last week and shot myself in the head. It was very, very intense and painful.and it was a lie.

Or, was it a lie? Let me deconstruct.

I complained to the administration of Regis University and found that half the class had also complained about the bizarre behavior of Dr. Hannon. Her message was incongruent with her behavior (to say the least). Any student of communication can recognize that messages incongruent with the messenger are not decoded or received well, if at all. Was she secretly experimenting with us, without our knowledge, to teach us something at great personal expense of the students? Was she just having a really, really bad day? Was she mentally or medically challenged? What in frigging hell was going on? Everyone wants to know!

I made a conscious decision to defend the classmates and myself at any cost, whether or not I may be failed from the course or even arrested and drug out of the classroom.

I brought a digital recorder to the class and recorded the four hour class in secret to see if similar behavior would occur, to protect myself in the event of an unethically issued poor grade, and also to gather evidence in the case that Dr. Hannon may possibly have no business teaching at Regis University or anywhere else for that matter, and so that the other students in the class would have evidence to protect them, as well, in the event that what happened was for real, and it certainly felt real.

I am a student of language and communication. The FACS or Facial Action Coding System by Paul Ekman is one of my favorite subjects of learning. Because of FACS, I can tell you exactly how to tell 100% how O.J. Simpson lied and Bill Clinton lied. You simply cannot lie to Stage Hypnotist Simone. Hes watching your nose crinkles, gaze shifts, and smile controls. The face reveals more by wrinkles and muscle-movements in micro-seconds about truth or lies than any other message sent by a communicator.

I was all over Dr. Hannons messaging by watching her face. It did not match her message. I am an actor, as well as a student and teacher of persuasion and hypnosis. If this was a secret experiment on her part, she was not fooling me. The message I bought, hook, line and sinker, was, My teacher is crazy, and Im going to get an F if I dont sit quietly and behave.

Now, the kicker.

Dr. Hannon came to class Thursday night and (while I secretly recorded every word) she claimed that the entire four hour class of teacher-to-student authoritarian-style abuse was a secret experiment to teach us de-motivation. When she asked us how we felt about it, the **** hit the fan.

One student admitted reporting the teacher. The students on either side of me, and I, myself, proclaimed that we were disrespected, insulted, demeaned, and abused in a very outlandish way, and that, in no uncertain terms, we were angry and hurt by her secret experiment. In later discussions with the other students, the majority believed it to NOT be an experiment, but that Dr. Hannon was actually just trying to cover her tracks for behavior that could cost her her Teaching Credentials.

I said, Its interesting, Dr. Hannon, that you would use us as guinea pigs for your secret experiment, and not reveal the truth about the your secret experiment until a week later, when in the meantime any number of bad things could have happened. Your message is incongruent with your behavior. Weve all invested a lot of time and money in this class, and many of us could have dropped the course last week after what you did, or worse.

We paid Regis University for content that Dr. Hannon was obligated to teach. I dont recall signing up as a volunteer for any secret experiment especially at great personal expense, financial, emotional, or otherwise.

I cussed and yelled and polarized. The students sitting on my side of the room were in agreement with me about the abuse we endured over the experience she claims was an elaborate, acted-out, pre-planned, secret experiment. The other side of the room was made up of giggling, snickering, brown-nosing, scared sucker-uppers who were still fearful of a poor grade or saying something true.

I then directed my comments to them, instead of Dr. Hannon, (paraphrase) Its interesting to me that I am risking my own grade in this class to defend myself and YOU from a very inappropriate persuasive lie administered by an unqualified messenger, Dr. Hannon, at our personal expense, and yet you snicker and act like a five year old, making fun of me and agreeing that what Dr. Hannon did was not only OK, but it was the truth and it was wonderful.

One of these students was an ex-combat-marine. I am a veteran myself, and I thought he might be the one person in the room with a set of balls big enough to tell the truth, but I was wrong. He sat snickering and sending quiet messages between two girls who also acted fearfully and without concern for the truth. Did they believe the secret experiment was for real, that it was ok if they were abused and assaulted on many levels for the sake of an A in the class, so long as they didnt rock the boat on the river of lies?
It was also interesting to note that two girls from this group later apologized to me for belittling me and attempting to silence me just as the teacher did when I insisted on speaking the truth.
So many things were interesting about this entire exchange. For example, when I noted that Dr. Hannon had not apologized at any time, she defended her right to secretly experiment with us students, as if teaching us a lesson on de-motivation was a valid reason to hurt us. I brought it up twice. Even after the four hour class in which she layered out more lies to cover up her other lies, she still has not given a single apology to even one student. I specifically asked for an apology and was refused--Arrogance, beyond belief.

Now, I used my own acting skills to give the Professor her lie as real, and I applauded her skill as an actor as I explained that I have studied persuasion and communication for 7 years and never has anybody lied to me so skillfully as she had. She got me!....in a good way, I lied.

If I ever conduct such an elaborate experiment to teach de-motivation at the expense of my students, I may want to inform the administration of the university in detail about my plans. I may also want to be congruent about the messages sent all lies or all truth. Then, when I reveal the hoax to the student/victims, perhaps I will maintain my credibility by a shred. Maybe I will not let a week pass before revealing the hoax, but rather reveal the experiment at the close of the evening, giving them detailed handouts breaking down what I wanted them to learn, providing valuable takeaways, without risking that some vulnerable student may commit suicide or drop the class or do something as crazy as I would.
Now, I chime in here to offer that the jury may be out as to whether or not the class was a genuine experiment, or if we were truly a mass group of victims of an unqualified and abusive university professor, but I have made a decision as to what I personally believe to be true, which you can decode for yourself.

I used hypnotic command and persuasion suggestion to get an A for the class, and I did so without fear of anything, because when youre right, youre right, especially in the fight for your own mind, for your own reality, for your own dream.

It is my dream to be among the finest persuaders and influencers in the world. People like Dr. Ben Mack, Dave Lakhani, Joel Bauer and Kevin Hogan who have taught me to polarize and proactively persuade from the platform have changed my life forever by using me in legitimate experiments to teach without harm how to persuade.

People love me or hate me, I dont care. I am responsible for the truth, as I see it. You are too!

By the way, I just lied to you.

I do care. I have profound passion for the art of persuasion. Its why I risk everything to teach you the truth. Ill tell you anything you want to hear, and dont want to hear, if you will promise me one thing: Seek the truth, learn how to use it to persuade the world, and create the world of your dreams.

Your Friend,
Stage Hypnotist Simone
Facebook Group: Hypnosis in Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation

Stage Hypnotist Simone
Las Vegas, NV


39 Posts

Posted - 07/14/2008 :  3:57:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dr. C.J. Hannon is "no longer with Regis University". We know what that means, right? See how important it is to defend yourself against false persuasion. Sometimes the little guy wins!! Peace, Stage Hypnotist Simone

Stage Hypnotist Simone
Las Vegas, NV
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United Kingdom
445 Posts

Posted - 07/15/2008 :  05:19:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well Done, Simone! You're the MAN!
Gil Boyne

Gil Boyne
[Gil Passed Away May 5, 2010]
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39 Posts

Posted - 04/11/2012 :  09:38:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I recieved the following letter today from Regis University, who Degreed me with a BA in Organizational Development in 2008:

"Dear Simone,
After serious consideration, the Regis University leadership team has decided to close the Henderson, Nevada campus as of August 31, 2013, due to the lagging student enrollment and difficult financial challenges facing the campus for the past several years. The Regis University Testing Center located at Nellis Air Force Base will conti...nue to operate.
For more than 10 years, we have had the pleasure of working with outstanding students and dedicated faculty and staff. We also are grateful to the many generous city and community leaders, alumni and friends who have made significant contributions to the Henderson campus. Please know that Regis is committed to ensuring that students who are currently enrolled will be guided through their respective degree programs, and future students in Las Vegas will be able to take Regis classes online.
Your Regis University Alumni Office looks forward to continuing our relationship with alumni through programming, social media and other engagement opportunities.
Julie A. Crockett
Vice President, University Relations"

Regis is a top 30 University out of Colorado. A Catholic University with a rich history including the distinction of having a president and a pope speak at graduation ceremonies.

I was raised Catholic but left the church around 1983 by simply not considering myself a Catholic around that time or since. I went to a Catholic High school as well, La Salle High College Prepatory, Milwaukie, Oregon.

I've always been proud to say that I attended and graduated from Catholic School and University because they are about the toughest road anyone can take to get a degree in any field.

It's sad to me that Regis is closing their only campus outside of Colorado, the Henderson Campus (where I attended) adjacent to the Zappos World Headquarters.

Around the time I graduated, I inflamed a big ruckus (you can read about it here: http://hypnosisonline.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1198 ) which ended the career of my Professor at the time for a class called "Persuasion, Motivation & Influence". I am responsible for getting her fired rather quickly because I stood up to her bullying inside a system that normally protects professors. I stood up for myself first and for the other students in the clss who were scared ****less of getting a D or and F!

Here was this Phd who claimed to be an expert in persuasion and influence, and thanks to my own training in Deception Detection, I was able to call her on her bull**** in the most outlandish experience of my career. I risked an F to do it because I fight for truth and justice and to protect the innocent.

If you read the long article I wrote about it back then, you will note my late friend and mentor, Gil Boyne's comment in the thread, "Well Done, Simone! You're the MAN!
Gil Boyne"

Gil was the (real) man! He taught me to act in Honor and love, but to be fearless and authoritative and confident in doing so. We are infused with Divine power (God is in us). Why not.

I mention all this because Regis University has all along been guilty of marketing and selling very poorly. I spoke to the big bosses personally on this subject when they came down from Colorado to adress the Henderson Campus and offered my sales and marketing help to transform the university attendance numbers.

They declined my offer.

Organizations who do not employ proper sales and marketing...mostly selling! - WILL FAIL. There are plenty of good companies and organizations with excellent products and services and every single one of them will fail if they do not employ expert direct selling to close the deal - folloowed by excellent customer service.

Regis University, about the very time I fanned the flames of a firestorm with that ridiculous excuse for an influence expert phd, began to employ this motto to all of their advertising campaigns:

"Be Influential."

I believe it came as a DIRECT result of my influence and shake up at the Henderson Campus that the leaders of the University became acutely aware of the importance of INFLUENCE. I cannot prove this claim, but I believe I am correct in assuming my own influence was the spawn for thier most popular ad campaign ever.

Now, a Meth Addict has Influence! By being in your house and stealing your ****, they have massively influenced your life.

Influence is NOT enough.

Following Influence is INTENT. Operate from High Intent to Serve others. Regis does that, too. It's also NOT enough.

Nothing (really) happens at all until the deal is closed. Persuasion. Hypnotic (divine-based) High-Intent Persuasion that closes the deal - Direct Selling to the end user - is the juice that makes any organization grow and thrive.

Regis University, it's not too late to hire the Authority on "Being Influential with New Persuasive Power", David Simone. Call 1-855-BE-A-GURU and I will be thrilled to help you save your Henderson Campus and build a few more nationwide by building a simple effective selling system for your recruiting department.

Hint: Two Words: Sales Scripting.

OK, Three Words: Hypnosis!

Much love and respect to Regis University. I'm grateful for my Regis Experience - it has made me "Be Influential!"

~ David Simone
Las Vegas
Regis University, Class of 2008,
BA, Organizational Development.

Note to Regis: my 3.495 GPA should be rounded up half-a-thousandth to the 3.5 High Honors Category I so richly deserve. LOL!

Stage Hypnotist Simone
Las Vegas, NV
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