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Do you want to have your own Hypnosis web site?  One just exactly like hypnosisonline.com?  Now you can.  Only $4.95 per month.

Do you want to have an email address that says "Hypnosis Professional?"  One like your_name_here@HypnosisOnline.com?  Now you can.  Only $4.95 per month.

Special Package Offer

With our special package deal you can get BOTH an HOL Web Site and an HOL POP3 Email address and save money too.   Only $8.95 per month.

You can also save even more when you open your HOL account and opt for a two year service contract.  You get two months free. 

See the FAQ and read all about it below.  Then order with our secure online order form.  It's as easy as:

Simply sign up online with our secure order form.
Send us all the text and photos you want on your web site pages via email.
Direct people to your new email and web site address @ HypnosisOnline.com.

For detailed information and FAQs about HOL Web Sites click here

For detailed information and FAQs about HOL POP3 Email Accounts click here


Your own font of information where you can be found by prospects in your area and direct those who are not in your area to a great place to find therapist referrals, as well as books, cassettes, etc.? 

Now you can own hypnosisonline.com!  For only $8.95 a month you can own a Web Site and have your POP3 email address on HypnosisOnline.com just like this:

Sample Web Site

Web site: http://hypnosisonline.com/jsquires

with an email address like this: jsquires @ hypnosisonline.com


If you are like most Hypnosis professionals, you don't need to spend your time and money developing a full web site.  You don't need to do all that work, shopping around, no need to hire anyone or learn html, Java, programming, web design or MS FrontPage just to have an Internet presence.  You simply need an attractive professional presence on the Internet with a matching email address and an affiliation with a font of information, referrals and a professional "Hypnosis" web site.   

That's why we created HypnosisOnline Online Services.

Go to secure order form  Only $8.95 US per month!


Of course, if you are selling your new book or audio cassettes you may may need a full web site with a full domain name, shopping cart or secure order pages, in which case, visit www.telesites.net for complete design, hosting and setup.  They will be happy to do it all for you at a low, reasonable price that includes hosting, design, search engine submission, domain name registration and SSL certificates.

However, for most Hypnosis related services and products, you can easily share the Hypnosis links, resources and information already placed online at hypnosisonline.com.  You can take advantage of the ever increasing traffic to our popular site by getting a Web Site and email address both for only $4.95 (US) a month. *  

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about HOL Online Services


For FAQs on HOL Web Site Accounts click here
For FAQs on HOL POP3 Email Accounts click here

Go to secure order form  Only $8.95 US per month!


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