Relax, Listen and Learn Self Hypnosis with Hypnosis


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Relax, Listen and Learn Self Hypnosis with Hypnosis
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Warning: Very relaxing; do not listen while operating a vehicle. 


An excellent program to teach you how to do self hypnosis by using relaxation therapy (also know as guided meditation).   Available on audio cassette | audio CDROM | MP3 download. 

What could be easier?  Just do as the title suggests; Relax, Listen to the soothing voice and accomplish your goal.  Listen to the soothing suggestive therapy in bed as you drift off to sleep or while relaxing in a comfortable chair.  

Relax and Listen at least once, everyday, for 20 days and learn self-hypnosis.  What could be easier.  Save shipping and media costs with our immediate MP3 download.

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