Hypnotherapy Training Programs - VHS Video / DVD



Learn Hypnotherapy from these quality, low cost, VHS and DVD format featuring recorded training sessions and live events by Master Hypnosis Instructors, in various different venues, all over the world.  

Purchase one at a time or buy all of them with a bulk discount shown at the end of each list.

Hypnotherapy Training Programs - Jonathon Royle - VHS Video / DVD 


Here you will find a two part complete course recorded by Jonathon Royle covering all aspects of Hypnotherapy.

The two unique training videos which follow will teach you about NLP, Hypnotherapy and Complete Mind Therapy (CMT).  

The following two training videos are available in VHS/PAL, NTSC & SECAM video formats.  They are also available at no extra cost in DVD format (you’ll need a player compatible with DVD-R).

The Art Of Professional Hypnotherapy - Volume One

On this first tape Top British Television Hypnotist and Mind Therapist to the Stars Jonathan Royle teaches you in a simple step by step manner how to treat most any problem, with most any client in a single sixty minute session.

Royle teaches you the structure of his unique treatment method Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) which combines the most powerful and effective elements of NLP, Suggestion Therapy, Pain & Pleasure Therapy and other approaches into a tried, tested and proven to work approach which is beyond compare!

No stone is left unturned and you are taught everything you’ll need to know to become both confident and competent as a Professional Mind Therapist!

Usually ships within 4 days - allow 2 weeks for delivery  

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The Art Of Professional Hypnotherapy - Volume Two

On this second volume you will become a fly on the wall as you watch Royle conduct an actual Complete Mind Therapy Smoking Cessation Session.

Many of the techniques taught on volume one are put to use in this real treatment session and the true value of this video is to see the body language Royle uses in a real session and to learn the correct use of voice tones in order to guarantee treatment success with your clients.

Advice is also given by Royle at the end of the tape on how to use his approach of Complete Mind Therapy to treat most any problem with most any client within a single one hour session, along with other advice and insights which will prove invaluable for anyone wanting to become a better Hypnotherapist!

Although this is a very comprehensive training tape you are advised to get Volume One first.

Usually ships within 4 days - allow 2 weeks for delivery  

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Discount Bulk - Buy Both and save - VHS / DVD Offer

As a limited introductory offer we are giving you the chance to order both volumes of the above amazing training titles at the same time at a reduced price!  The two purchased separately would cost $159.90 but you can get them both in the same box for only $134.95!

Usually ships within 4 days - allow 2 weeks for delivery  

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