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Training Videos & DVDS Covering All Aspects of Stage Hypnotism 

Learn Stage Hypnosis by completing this three part course.  These quality VHS and DVD formats feature recorded classes by highly experienced Stage Hypnosis professionals.  Purchase one at a time or buy all of them with a bulk discount shown at the end of each list.

Stage Hypnosis 3 VHS Video / DVD - Training Course by Jonathon Royle


Here you will find a three part complete course recorded by Jonathon Royle covering all aspects of Stage Hypnosis.

All three of these titles contain a lot of valuable information which is not included on any of Jonathon Royle's other training videos, and even the items which are duplicated are explained in more depth and filmed to make learning even easier as you watch these amazing programs in the comfort of your own home!

The following three training videos are available in VHS/PAL, NTSC & SECAM video formats.  They are also available at no extra cost in DVD format (youíll need a player compatible with DVD-R).

The Art Of Professional Stage Hypnotism - Volume One

On the first volume of this trilogy you will be taught in a simple step by step manner numerous Suggestibility Tests which used the way Royle teaches are guaranteed to work on almost everybody all of the time! Youíll also learn four powerful professional rapid induction techniques and by the end of this volume will be on the correct path for success as a Stage Hypnotist!  Items included and taught on Volume One include:

  • The Conventional Locked Hands Test

  • Guaranteed Locked Hands Test

  • Several Locked Hands Variations

  • The Arm Drop Test

  • Fingers Closing Test

  • The Light & Heavy Hands Test

  • Eyes Glued Together Test

  • Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Test

  • Various Verbal Suggestibility Tests

  • The Falling Backwards Induction

  • The Falling Forwards Induction

  • Craig Williams Microphone Induction

  • The Powers Rubber Legs Induction

All of these tried, tested and proven to work in the real modern world of Stage Hypnosis techniques are included on Volume One along with loads of truly invaluable hints, tips and advice from Royle to ensure your success. 

Hypnotherapists could also use practically all of the techniques taught on this Volume to great effect and as such this title is recommended to all!

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The Art Of Professional Stage Hypnotism - Volume Two

On Volume Two of this trilogy Royle teaches you in a simple step by step manner a total of 15 different tried, tested and proven to work in the real world professional Hypnotic Induction Techniques.

Various Slow, Rapid and even Instantaneous Induction Methods are taught, many of which would also be of use to Hypnotherapists.

Techniques which are suitable for all styles of performing venue are taught, including methods to Hypnotise people when they are Stood up or Seated in a chair, in short no stone is left unturned and Royle also reveals much invaluable advice on all areas of Stage Hypnosis throughout this amazing tape to ensure your success.

Amongst the numerous techniques revealed here in Volume Two are:

  • World Record High Speed Induction

  • Standing Handshake Induction

  • The Handstare Induction

  • Canít Be Bothered With You Induction

  • Swaying Handclap Induction

  • Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Technique

  • Eyes Glued Together Rapid Method

  • Seated Handshake Induction

  • Handwave Instant Technique

  • Finger Stare Induction

  • The Arm Spin Method

  • Bodyflop Induction

  • Jacobsens PRI Induction

  • Facing Forwards Jacobsens Method

  • Sidney Flowers & Delavars Blink Technique

Many of the powerful induction techniques taught on Volume Two have never appeared on any training video before and as such this is a must have tape!

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The Art Of Professional Stage Hypnotism - Volume Three

The final volume of this trilogy brings together everything that you will have learnt from the previous two volumes and then continues to teach you pretty much EVERYTHING that youíll ever need to know to become both highly competent and confident in all areas of Stage Hypnosis!

Youíll learn various deepening techniques, how to awaken your subjects with ease, using Post Hypnotic suggestions effectively, exactly what to say at the start of your show to guarantee success and numerous hints, tips and inside secrets which could only be learnt from an experienced working professional such as Jonathan Royle.

It is advised that you do not watch volume three until you have studied the first two volumes in this trilogy, as this final tape is the one which really brings it all together and then dots the Iís and crosses the Tís so to speak!

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Discount Bulk VHS / DVD Offer

As a limited introductory offer we are giving you the chance to order all three volumes of this amazing trilogy at the same time at a greatly reduced price!

The purchase price of the three separately is $239.85 but you can get them together for only $199.95!

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