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 Stage Stunts
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162 Posts

Posted - 06/28/2003 :  4:14:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Exchange ideas here regarding stage stunts

Mr C

8 Posts

Posted - 03/31/2004 :  11:10:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What do you guys think about the strip routine contraversy?
I think it might be going a little too far, however, I don't believe any show is non embarrassing!
If you were to forget your name or where you lived, to all of a sudden jump up and dance like a celebrity or growl every time you had a drink,all at a mall in public,wouldn't you be embarrassed?
I certainly would, the whole show enterprises around embarrassment, thats what makes it funny, it just depends how far you go...
Like striptease is too far, or at least with a lady..guys are a less of a shocker...it's best to read your crowd..if you don't understand or know how to do this, make friends with a DJ and hang around with them at gigs asking questions..you'll soon be good at it
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4 Posts

Posted - 11/07/2004 :  9:14:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
<< What do you guys think about the strip routine contraversy? >>

There is no controversy. It's wrong, plain and simple. It is simply unethical, and only a shortsighted, moron hypnotist would do it in a public venue.

<< I think it might be going a little too far, however, I don't believe any show is non embarrassing! >>

I agree that it is going too far. Way too far. However, embarrasment is a subjective experience. What embarrasses you may not embarrass me.

<< If you were to forget your name or where you lived, to all of a sudden jump up and dance like a celebrity or growl every time you had a drink,all at a mall in public,wouldn't you be embarrassed? >>

No, that would not embarrass me. Stripping to my shorts in a public venue would embarrass me. Seeing a moron hypnotist have someone strip to their shorts in a public venue would embarrass me. In fact, it would make me very angry.

<< the whole show enterprises around embarrassment, thats what makes it funny, it just depends how far you go...>>

Wrong. The whole show enterprises around harmless silliness; silly routines that are out of character or beyond the norm.

<< striptease is too far, or at least with a lady..guys are a less of a shocker...it's best to read your crowd..>>

It has nothing to do with the crowd. Striptease is simply wrong. The one thing any hypnotist needs more that anything else is a reputation for ethical standards. Having any volunteer strip in a public venue violates the subject's diginity, and that's simply wrong. More than anything, it reveals the hypnotist for an idiot moron with no ethical standards.

Some bottome-feeder moron hypno-punks may think it's a good way to get a laugh. For some, it may be the only way they can get a laugh, because they are no-talent entertainers and don't belong on stage.

Any hypnotist who would rob a volunteer of their diginity in a public venue, or any venue, should be black-listed.

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305 Posts

Posted - 11/08/2004 :  12:14:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The original post was obviously written by a voyeur or a complete idiot, I have no idea which. However the misuse of the word "controversy" is interesting. This suggests that there is some doubt or disagreement over what is proper, and in fact there is not. The end result of such actions would be a prison cell, for performing a leud act in public...End of discussion....
Oh yes, interesting choice of words also in suggesting that embarrasment was the ultimate result of a stage show. I have several friends who would be insulted by that remark about what they do every day.......
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162 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2005 :  11:24:00 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You dear shortsighted, tunnel visioned, unworldly creature.I originated this post in the hope of sharing our forum with all genres of hypnosis, otherwise how do we learn or share information.Read the ads on this site-quote--EVERYTHING ABOUT HYPNOSIS ONLINE AT HYPNOSIS ONLINE.COM--unquote.
You are obviously predujiced against Stage Hypnosis or experimentation of any kind--I wonder if given the opportunity you would have gone back in time to see eg ANTON MESMER at work--I certainly would--mind you -you probably would not and obviously you do not use any intellectual property ascertaining to past Hypnotic--what you would call voyeurs or idiots---
I think your narrow mindedness actually sums you up as a person--BORING
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United Kingdom
445 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2005 :  12:58:37 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Having worked in night clubs and Las Vegas lounges for more than four yeare (1959--1963), I can speak out of my experience.
In my opinion,it is ethically and morally wrong to suggest to any volunteer subject to remove their clothing. Also, suggestions that a subject needs to relieve his bladder because of drinking too much beer but is stuck to the chair, or that the women on stage have lost their boobs, or the men have lost their "willies" and must search the stage to find them. Suggestions that use ONLY the imagination are far more acceptable and just as funny. "When you look through these magic glasses, you can see through everyone's clothes". The facial expressions and behavior of the subjects creates the comedy.
I have worked in church social halls, boy scout jamborees, synagogues and high school assemblies and I learned early on that hypnosis and funny actions were the theme of the show.
One of the world's greatest stage hypnotists is Martin St. James of Australia. I have seen him perform many times and his show is very funny and tasteful. He has been on stage for fifty years and is still in demand. Bill Cosby is a legendary highly successful comedian and actor and his humor was always wholesome.(including night-club shows)
Finally, every subject is a self-selected volunteer who goes on stage to have fun and experience something unusual and not to be embarressed!
With Respect to all. Gil Boyne .

Gil Boyne
[Gil Passed Away May 5, 2010]
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39 Posts

Posted - 02/19/2006 :  3:18:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Any stage hypnotists out there interested in owning my entire Ormond McGill Stage Hypnotism 13-piece Collection? It's on ebay for 24 hours only at at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6607062248, at half what I paid. Good luck. Make your own luck. Stage Hypnotist Simone

Stage Hypnotist Simone
Las Vegas, NV
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7 Posts

Posted - 09/22/2006 :  7:35:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have been a stage hypnotist for 21 years and I have never made anyone remove clothing,I am often asked do I have an adult show.

I allways say to people that its more challenging to try and make people laugh when its a clean show, everybody laughs at smut.

I also believe that if people want to perform adult shows that they should clearly mark the event as an adult show, making sure that all the people who take part in the show understand that its x rated..

I have seen so many hypnotist bill as a familly show, then all of a sudden it turns into an adult show.

I also believe that hypnotist who do adult shows run out of volunteers and they have to keep moving around to find knew venues.

I have worked in one place for 11 years week in week out and I have hypnotized all of the familly members.


Hypnosis Show Video Clips www.youtube.com/hypnospy
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16 Posts

Posted - 05/19/2007 :  9:16:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Right on Mr Duvall. I agree 100% The R18 smut show is "easy" and appeals only to the lowest common denominator. Being original and clean is more challenging and more rewarding (and requires more talent). If you want to work a town over and over again, you want the volunteers to be glad they came, and the audience to want to volunteer next time and to bring their friends. If you embarrass or humiliate them, they will not come back, and will not volunteer. New Zealand has 4,000,000 people - scarcely a large city. So I spend some of my time overcoming the negative legacy left by "famous" touring hypnotists who have been rude or mean and who have humiliated their volunteers. They can get away with this because a once every 5-10 years schedule means they don't play the same group twice.

On the subject of embarrassment, the definition I use and that I offer my volunteers is that they will not do anything that they would not show their kids or their parents.

Gerard V
Comedy Hypnotist www.gerardv.com
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United Kingdom
2 Posts

Posted - 03/18/2008 :  8:17:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think the question about the strip routine is a good one. I've seen a number of different hypnotist shows over the years and they fall into two broad categories - a family show and one with more adult themes. Each is equally funny in its own way. I have been to some hypnotist shows billed as suitable for family entertainment and the routine of having the volunteers pretend to watch a porno movie is introduced. Inevitably they end up rubbing themselves and this is quite inappropriate for that sort of show.

I have also been to hypnotist shows billed "strictly for adults" or XXX etc and these have turned out to be very tame and usually with a third rate hypnotist who thinks that sex sells and people will come to his show for a cheap thrill. As long as the hypnotist has clearly advertised the sort of show that it will be (ie family or adult) I feel that everyone would be aware what is involved.

Shows billed as "Adults Only" will involve some sort of strip routine at some point. I have always been told that you cannot do anything against your morals or beliefs whilst under hypnosis and during a strip routine I have seen guys only go as far as they are comfortable with (some stop at trousers, some stop at underwear and some don't stop at all.) As someone else said male nudity is for some reason more acceptable in a comedy hypnosis show than female nudity. I once was at a show and even though the hypnotist gave the mildest of instructions about enjoying yourself at a party one woman proceeded to remove her clothes. He had to stop her (several times in fact during the show). At the end he asked her why she kept doing that and she replied that she worked as a stripper and enjoyed her work!
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United Kingdom
445 Posts

Posted - 03/19/2008 :  02:03:44 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here is a newspaper story about an "adult rated" hypnotist show!
Does anyone think that this helps either stage hypnosis or hypnosis in general? Most high school and college students think that any performance that is sexual, lewd, vulgar,obscene or scatological is hilarious. So what? Do they determine the standards for everyone else?
The entertainment value of a hypnotism show is in seeing a group of people enter trance and engage in foolish and entertaining behavior.
I was a stage hypnotist for four years early in my career and when the nightclub manager told me to "put sex in your show", I told him,"
I don't do that kind of show, but I can fill your club every night". I was booked for two weeks and played to capacity crowds for eight weeks. (1960)

Hypnotist, students put on x-rated show

Imagine feeling the sudden urge to use the restroom, but you're stuck to a chair, or believe your feet are on fire, but you're unable to take your shoes off.
Hypnotist Frank Santos convinced several willing students Tuesday night in Blackman Auditorium of these illusions after using a hypnosis technique. However, these were the tamest of Santos' illusions, as most were "R-rated." The event was sponsored by the Council for University Programs (CUP) and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

At first, 28 students were brought on stage, and after a short elimination process, Santos wound up with 15 who he deemed fit to be hypnotized. Throughout the show, several students needed to drop out because the hypnosis had worn off.

Santos had volunteers sit with palms up and told them to stare at the ceiling, while he counted backward from five to zero until their eyes were closed. Next, he counted backward from 10 to zero until their heads and arms hung down.
The "key word," "sleep," was used to put the volunteers into an immediate dreamlike state anytime Santos uttered it.

At one point, while the volunteers were "sleeping," Santos tapped them and convinced them that when they woke up, they would feel tingly all over, or extremely sexually aroused. Santos told the one male volunteer that anytime the hypnotist touched his head, his testicles would get very itchy.

"He's a great performer that always fills Blackman Auditorium," Hultman said in an e-mail to The News.
Max Teller, head of public relations for Pi Kappa Alpha, said Santos is always able to draw a crowd.
At one point, a male audience member named Ben was brought on stage and Santos hypnotized the volunteers to think Ben had gone to the bathroom in his pants. Every time Santos said the name Ben, the stench would become more unbearable to those hypnotized.
"What's it smell like over here?" asked Santos.
"S---!" said a hypnotized female volunteer.

The illusions progressively became more lewd. One young woman was convinced she had grown a penis. Two other young women were convinced the young man sitting between them had a speaking penis that was making obscene sexual comments to them.
Later, Santos hypnotized all of the volunteers to think everyone in the audience was completely naked and having wild sex with one another, except for a lone young man on the stage who the volunteers thought was masturbating. The volunteers were repulsed, but that did not stop Santos from throwing water at them, making them believe they had been ejaculated on.
For the last trick of the night, Santos made the young man believe he was "King Chip," the head dancer of all the Chippendale's performers. He took off his shirt, swung it around his head and danced on the laps of each young woman sitting on stage.
Linda Holcomb, a middler criminal justice major, said she loved everything about the performance, but especially the more risqu tricks.
"I liked the R-rated parts," she said.

Gil Boyne
[Gil Passed Away May 5, 2010]

Edited by - mark-gil on 03/19/2008 02:06:49 AM
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39 Posts

Posted - 03/19/2008 :  11:24:26 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning, Everyone!
In 1960, when Gil Boyne was busy packing the house at his stage hypnosis show, I was being born. Take it from the "Encyclopedia" of hypnosis, Gil Boyne, there is no other source on the planet for better TRUTH on the subject of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or stage hypnotism. For those of you who don't know, Gil Boyne was single-handedly responsible for the introduction of "HYPNOTHERAPY" to the list of job titles in the DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles). You HOPE you have half the energy, enthusiasm, and fury to teach the truth about the phenomenon of hypnosis that Gil has in his 80's, that you have now, people. Listen to the master and act on his advice. I have friends who do dirty shows and friends who do clean shows, friends who do only hypnotherapy, and friends who do stage and clinical work. What I know is that, while times change, TRUTH doesn't. Reveen made millions with a clean show, why shouldn't every stage hypnotist? That said, I have friends who have made millions with dirty show--and really nice guys, too. Will I do a dirty show? Honestly, I haven't yet, and would rather not, but I can learn from everyone I know, take what I can, and move forward with MY show, being MYSELF on stage, and not anyone else. Excercise your individuality on stage and in the clinic if you do hypnotherapy--and always seek the highest level of truth and integrity in your service of your audience or your clients. Thank you, Gil Boyne, for all that you have taught me and all that you may still teach me. With Respect, Stage Hypnotist Simone, King of Sway, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

Stage Hypnotist Simone
Las Vegas, NV
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United Kingdom
2 Posts

Posted - 03/20/2008 :  2:24:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I would have found some of the things happening in that show you described quite distasteful. In particular, making someone think they need to use the toilet and preventing them from leaving their chair is quite cruel - and to be honest, I think only a sadist would find that kind of show funny. I've been to both adult and family shows - each are equally funny in their own way. Risque themes may not be to everyone's taste but I think the main thing is that the hypnotist does not make his volunteers suffer. Making someone look foolish is one thing, but to have them believe they are in pain and that this is somehow entertainment is quite another.
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United Kingdom
445 Posts

Posted - 03/20/2008 :  6:34:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
X-RATED stage shows demean the art of hypnotism demonstration!
Hypnotism Shows that are billed as "ADULT SHOWS" presume that the word adult is a warning that the hypnotist will be vulgar, use nasty language, talk about body parts,and in general have a licence to shock, insult, mortify and demean the volunteers. In London,Stage hypnotist Paul McKenna told his hypnotized male subjects that when they opened their eyes they would discover that they had "lost their Willy" (a euphenism for p----) and would search all over the stage to find it. A few months later, the teen-age subject had a schizophrenic break. A psychiatrist claimed that the hypnotist's suggestion caused an adolescent panic which created the psychotic break. They filed a law suit asking damages of several million dollars and for more than two years, Paul McKenna could not get a booking--he claimed to have lost two million dollars in earnings---nor could any other stage hypnotists in the UK.
Since Paul had been the #1 stage hypnotist in the UK for many years, when the trial finally began it was heavily covered by the media.
Fortunately for hypnotism, it could not be proved that the suggestion was related to the ailment and Paul was exonerated. If he had been found at cause, that would have been the end of stage hypnotism in the
UK and eventually in the USA.
In my opinion. Adult Shows are rude and show a lack of talent in the performer.Because people laugh does not mean the entertainer is funny, creative or imaginative--- often they are only stupid losers (no matter how much money they make)
I have trained numerous stage hypnotists---
many who work steadily ---some who earn upward of six figures--
yet none of them resort to low humor. Try traveling the high road--
it brings self-respect!

Gil Boyne
[Gil Passed Away May 5, 2010]
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3 Posts

Posted - 04/26/2008 :  6:09:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Growing up in this business With the greats such as Gil Boyne on one side and Terry Stokes on the other I have seen many shows and for over a decade have done thousands of shows myself...

Do male strippers violate any of peoples decency... No and Let me be very upfront with may disclaimer here (Not in the appropriate setting)

Telling a group of men on stage that they are the worlds hottest strippers and they are going to do a show is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Telling them to take all their clothes off or rub themselves against another stage participant is not only vulgar. It can invite a lawsuit...

Lets face it there is no moral crime in some guy walking around bare chested or with no socks on.. Big deal..............

Asking them to enact potentially lewd and sexual acts with another volunteer........ Tasteless

I have watched Frank Santos, and I have watched Dr Naughty both take lack of tact and taste to a whole new level..

Dr Naughty was in Vegas at the same showroom for many years. Frank gets invited back to do shows at the same clubs time and time again....

About 20% of my shows are adult. I believe they are in good taste and nothing to be embarrassed about they do focus on adult material that adults find humorous...

However shows where the hypnotist allows the volunteers to touch each other in explicit manners strip to their undergarments or nude insert products into orifices mouth or otherwise.........

Well those are not adult shows those are pornography..........

You can do an adult show and if you are in this world and competing for larger dollars some venues are going to want edgier material.....

You can refuse and not get hired or do a classy show that is in good taste and sexy.... and get well paid...

Oh and most of my adult material does not go beyond PG 13 and is tamer then 90 percent of what you would see on prime time tv.

With Respect,

Justin James

The Hypnosis Company
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39 Posts

Posted - 04/26/2008 :  6:20:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Justin, you have a good point. I like your insights. Part of the challenge in this business is giving people what they want, and not what you think they want. The second we stop giving them what they pay us for, we have violated the contract. Gil Boyne is my close friend and mentor. I think overall that Gil has done more for this industry than any other hypnotist on the planet (as one man). He teaches us to be the best we can and help others find the best in themselves. I love gil very, very much. I also like Terry Stokes. I see his show whenever I can. He's a gentleman. And when he goes ostage he gives his (ADULT) audience a "Dirty Hypnosis" show. That's what they've paid him for and he is very good at it. Michael Johns, his partner on the nights he is not performing is also a wonderful guy. I recently trained with him at hypnosisgurus.com seminar in Las Vegas. All this said, we each need to follow our own hearts in being and becoming who we must be. This is no easy path. I sure love the variety of the personalities in the stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy business. I would never pick another career. Welcome to my Facebook friends, too, Justin. Glad to know you. I met your girlfriend at the clothing store where I bought the zoot suits for my show. Peace!

Stage Hypnotist Simone
Las Vegas, NV
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3 Posts

Posted - 04/26/2008 :  7:09:27 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I know

Justin James

The Hypnosis Company
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